Bread & Butter

Ingredients: white bean butter, olive oil, confit garlic, fresh baked focaccia

Are you like me always dreaming about a tasty snack? Well we know your toughs so we serve you a complementary dish when you order a main course meal. That`s right, this one is on us! Just enjoy the fresh creamy butter on the french baguette bread or fresh baked focaccia brushed with garlic and some olive oil.


We all remember the good old days when we would go to the fridge in the morning and just take some butter out and eat it with plain bread. These memories are never going away, that`s why we are giving you a reason to remember that taste.  Only this time we have a surprise for you. Maybe you have tried it before, maybe not. The butter we share with you is not bought from the supermarket. No, no! It`s fresh made from the farm nearby with fresh cow milk and by a traditional old recipe.


If you want we can pack you some butter to take home and keep the taste with you a little longer.

Enjoy this natural and farm-made dish!

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