Ingredients: butter, lemon, milk, poppy seed filling, sweet dough

Did you have a great meal and now you want to eat a small dessert? Try our bakery recipe of Poppy seed – Lemon Twists. We think this kind of dessert suits everyone who looks after his weight but also likes to taste something sweet and healthy. The ingredients we use are all natural purchased … read more

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Ingredients: chocolate, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, milk, cocoa, heavy cream, strawberries, vanilla

Try the best frozen pudding popsicles in town with four different flavors. This dessert includes the vanilla flavor, chocolate, watermelon, and strawberry flavor. Kids always love a sweet treat and this is a healthy choice because we use only natural ingredients, most of them from a farm outside the town. The pudding is really creamy because … read more

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Ingredients: heavy cream, whipped cream cheese, sugar, eggs, lemon, graham crackers

One will never forget the inviting smell of grandma’s desserts. There’s always something magical in every sweet treat they prepare. Smooth and consistent at the same time, simple yet sophisticated, the grandma’s desserts are carefully made with love and care. So is our special Grandma’s Cheesecake! One single bite and we promise you will absolutely … read more

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Ingredients: cream cheese, vanilla, sour cream, butter, cinnamon, sugar, eggs, pineapple

Have you finished your food? Are you sure? Than you deserve a little treat. And not just any treat, but a really healthy and tasty one. Try our homemade recipe for the perfect cheese pie. This is the pie my grandmother used to bake for us when we were children and now we are taking … read more

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Ingredients: chocolate sprinkles, coco, buttermilk, brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs,

You can`t decide on an dessert? Or you`re just in a hurry and want a quick but tasty treat? Get a chocolate muffin and you will have the best taste experience. Indulge in our sinfully delicious and tastefully chocolate muffins. Topped with chocolate sprinkles, these muffins will surely please chocolate lovers everywhere! Our soft, moist chocolate … read more

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Ingredients: heavy cream, chocolate, vanilla, eggs, milk, butter, cocoa, sugar, buttermilk, strawberries, plums, blueberries

Everyone has his weak spots and we know this dessert can be one of yours. So don`t try to resist it and grab a slice of fruit and cream pie while there is some left. This is one of our best dishes and the first with whom we have won a contest back in 2012. … read more

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Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate buttercream, milk, vanilla

Chocolate cake Chocolate? Yes please! Nothing will satisfy a chocolate craving better than our special rich and moist chocolate cake. Full of chocolate from top to bottom, soft and fudgy at the same time, there’s no way you could resist it! Prepare yourself for a complete experience of flavors and textures! Every layer will be … read more

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Ingredients: butter, vanilla, milk, sugar, chocolate, cocoa, eggs, corn syrup

We all like a sweet treat, but believe me this is something else. These cupcakes are just perfect with the right balance between filling and cake. Cupcakes are on the market since the 1800`s and the recipe evolved to this tasty one we use to make them today. A standard cupcake uses the same basic … read more

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Ingredients: almond flour, egg whites, vanilla, almond or mint extract, cream of tartar

Are you curious about an internationally appreciated dish? Try our original french recipe macarons! The intricate confection is characterized by smooth, squared top, ruffled circumference, and a flat base. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth. Macarons can be found in a wide variety of flavors that range from the traditional (raspberry, … read more

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Ingredients: butter, raw brown sugar, peanuts, pecans, jam, chocolate

Are you in for a snack? Taste our large variety of freshly backed cookies made especially for you. Even if you have a hot drink or just want a quick sweet treat, this is the perfect choice. There is nothing like a good small cookie to remind you of your childhood. Our cookies are made … read more

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