Buttered Corn On The Cob

Ingredients: corn, butter, salt, oil

The corn recipe we use cooks up so flavorful, fresh tasting and rich. You will be so obsessed with it you won’t even care what else is being served afterwards. We get the corn from a farm nearby and we assure you it`s 100% natural corn with no artificial ingredients added.

Even the water we use to boil it is 99.9% purified because we know what`s best for you.


This type of recipe is traditional and we all love it. Every time someone comes in and likes to have a great dinner, they start with a delicious buttered corn dish. Some even take two and don`t even care about the rest of the food.  We know it`s delicious so you don`t have to be embarrassed to eat it with your hands. Don`t worry we do the same 🙂 .

food-water-corn-cooking (1)

That being said we wish you a great meal and we hope you will enjoy this traditional and tasteful recipe!

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