Creamy Lentil Soup

Ingredients: chickpeas, caju nuts, cumin, chili

Our body is our temple so we need to take care what we eat, all the time. No need to be harsh on yourself, because you can eat really healthy and still enjoy the good taste of delicious dishes. Lentil soup is recognized as highly nutritious, a good source of protein, dietary fiber, iron and potassium. Hippocrates prescribed lentils for patients with liver ailments.


Lentils were unearthed in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic layers of Franchthi Cave in Greece (9,500 to 13,000 years ago), in the end-Mesolithic at Mureybet and Tell Abu Hureyra in Syria, and sites dating to 8000 BC in the area of Jericho. The ancient Greeks were lovers of lentil soup, as attested to by a comment by Aristophanes: “You, who dare insult lentil soup, sweetest of delicacies.” 

Lentil soup is mentioned in the Bible: Esau is prepared to give up his birthright for a pot of fragrant red lentil soup (a “mess of pottage” in some versions) being cooked by his brother, Jacob.

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Lentils have the second-highest ratio of protein per calorie of any legume, after soybeans. So if you want a healthy dish try this one! We assure you it will be tasty and really nourishing.


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