Coconut Mojito

Ingredients: mint leaves, lime juice, syrup, coconut water, white rum, ice

 Just imagine yourself on a sunny summer day on a wild beach somewhere in Cuba just laying on a sunbed hearing the waves. This picture is not complete without a nice drink to cool you down.


To blend with the situation we recommend you get a nice mojito inside a coconut fruit.  The recipe is very simple. You just mix coconut water with white rum.


To give it more flavourful we add some mint leaves mint leaves and coconut syrup all together into a cut coconut shell. At the end add some ice, but don’t fill it up because you don’t want to kill the taste of the genuine Cuban Rum. We’ll enhance the taste with some lime juice and garnish the shell with some lime wedges.


We hope you will enjoy this cocktail that will remind you of good times.  It may make you book some tickets for the next cruise ship to Cuba this summer.

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