Burnt Orange Negroni

Ingredients: gin, syrup, lemon, liqueur, vermouth

If you want to feel how it was in the 1930`s when the alcohol prohibition ended and everyone started to get more picky with their drinks, you should really taste the Orange Negroni. To keep the tradition we have premixed the gin with vermouth into an old charred oak barrel. The taste will not be complete without a small drop of liqueur and sweet syrup. Everyone has his weak spots so try to drink this cocktail with a slice of lemon or orange if you think you can`t handle it.

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Ditch the margaritas, if you really want to taste a good quality alcohol try this mix of vermouth and gin that takes it`s predominant flavor from juniper berries. Also the vermouth has some good healing properties if you have problems with your stomach.

If you`ve had Negronis before you know what this kind of cocktail is not just as any other drink. You will appreciate the fine taste from the first sip. Our bartender will make sure you get the best experience so don`t worry, you don`t need to ask for the best vermouth or gin because you will get the best quality there is form the beginning.


We hope you will find this drink really tasty and refreshing.

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